Cultural caravan for peace


The Cultural Caravan for Peace in the media 2015

FRoots – Caravan Club – by Bas Springer

Afropop Worldwide – Banks of the river: Field report from Festival sur le Niger 2015 – by Tom Pryor

PBS – Bringing back Mali’s music back from exile – video 

The Guardian – ‘There’s no life without music’: the Malian musicians fighting Islamists with songs – video

SonglinesFestival on the Niger  Blog post by Simon Coughton

The Independent How the music of Mali strikes a chord for peace by Simon Coughton

Voice of America – Sounds from Southern Morocco: Festival Taragalte by Heather Maxwell

MaliWebFestival sur le niger 2015 paix cohesion et reconciliation nationale celebrees Ségou au rythme de la culture

World Music CentralCurtain raiser taragalte festival by Daniel Brown

Monocle 24 – Radio item about Festival sur le Niger by Bram Posthumus, item starts at 41 mins 21seconds.

Mali Actu NetPaix cohesion et reconciliation natoinal celebrees a Ségou au rythme de la culture

Libération MarocTaragalte ou quand le desert s’érige en carrefour de paix et de dialogue

AfriCultures –  ‘La culture touaregue nést pas un musée‘ by Caroline Trouillet

Radio by Mory Touré

Mondo Blog / RFI –  Hospitalite dialogue belle lecon vie de nomades 

Bayern2Kulturjournal by martina Zimmermann, item starts at  1.07 minuts

VOAMusic time in Africa by Heather Maxwell

ORTMNational TV Mali, item about the Cultural Caravan for Peace

SR MediathekRadio item about Taragalte festival and the caravan by Martina Zimmermann.

Cultural Caravan for Peace in the media 2014:
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